The Speakers



Mrs. Svenja  Dannewitz (PhD)

Harvesting Hope: Cell-Cultivated Milk Paves the Path to a Sustainable Future

With a profound dedication to creating a sustainable global food system, Svenja is an accomplished engineer, cell biologist, and immunologist whose remarkable journey has been shaped by a passion for scientific innovation. Armed with an exceptional academic background from prestigious institutions such as the Universities of Cambridge, Manchester, Sheffield, and Stanford University, Svenja's expertise in cell biology, medicine, and cutting-edge research has propelled her to the forefront of transformative advancements.

Her doctoral work has been nothing short of groundbreaking, yielding invaluable insights into how microenvironmental stimuli impact immune and stem cell survival, pushing the boundaries of our understanding in this ever-evolving field.

In her captivating TEDx talk, titled "Harvesting Hope," Svenja will delve into the transformative innovation of cell-based milk. This revolutionary technology has the potential to redefine global food production and consumption patterns, with cellular agriculture taking center stage, especially in the dairy sector. At the heart of this innovation lies Svenja's pioneering work in Sustainable and Ethical Food Production, utilizing a novel process and bioreactor for cell cultivation of mammalian cells. 



Prof. Frank Widmayer 

The Future Needs New Leadership - But How? 

Frank Widmayer's journey in the world of industrial engineering began at the University of Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), where he graduated with distinction. His career then led him to CAS Software, a CRM market leader for SMEs, where he served as Board Member for Human Resources, Organization, and Finance. During his tenure, Frank designed highly successful leadership and organizational development programs, garnering accolades such as the prestigious TOP JOB best employer award.

Since 2011, Frank has ventured into the realms of independent consulting, coaching, facilitation, and public speaking. He brings his insights to life as a professor at Karlshochschule International University in Karlsruhe and as the Managing Director of triangility GmbH.

In an era marked by increasing complexity and ambiguity, Frank believes that cultivating new individual competencies and collective capabilities is vital to shape resilient organizations and societies for the future. 

TEDxKarlshochschule is glad to welcome Frank Widmayer to our stage. Through his powerful insights and pioneering vision, Frank exemplifies the transformative power of leadership, steering organizations towards a more compassionate, innovative, and sustainable future. Join us as we delve into the world of New Leadership and explore the possibilities it holds for shaping a better tomorrow. 



Dr. Viktoriya Sokolova

The Power of Motion 

"What makes you happy? Where do you find your strength and power?" These profound questions lie at the core of Viktoriya Sokolova's life philosophy, encapsulated in her powerful motto, "Motions create emotions." As a scientist, TEDx speaker, and author of the book "To Rock Your LIFE," Viktoriya's journey has been one of inspiration and transformation.

In her captivating TEDx talk, Viktoriya will take you on a transformative journey, sharing life lessons drawn from her experience running marathons. Through her personal anecdotes, she'll unveil the profound impact of motion on our emotions and reveal how simple movement can enhance our everyday lives, irrespective of age, health condition, or circumstances. Get ready to be inspired as Viktoriya shows you how to unlock your inner strength and improve your well-being through the power of movement.

Beyond her TEDx stage presence, Viktoriya's compelling and moving book, "To Rock Your LIFE," is a testament to her diverse roles as a scientist, public speaker, and devoted mother. Through heartfelt stories from her personal life, she shares invaluable lessons and insights that have shaped her journey of growth and empowerment.



Mithun A. Sridharan (MBA)

Leadership in the Era of Artificial Intelligence 

Meet Mithun A. Sridharan, an accomplished entrepreneur, author, and influential speaker in the realms of Strategy, Management, and Digital Transformation. As the Founder and Chief Content Officer of Think Insights, a renowned educational website, Mithun has established himself as a leading voice in Strategy, Management Consulting, Leadership, Digital Transformation, and Data Literacy.

With over two decades of experience in leadership and senior management roles across strategy, consulting, and information technology industries, Mithun is a bottom-line driven executive, renowned for his transformative insights. He is a regular speaker at industry conferences and has contributed extensive thought leadership to high-impact magazines such as the World Economic Forum, the American Banker, Wired, and more.

Mithun's academic prowess includes an MBA from ESMT Berlin, a Master of Science from Christian Albrechts University of Kiel, Germany, and a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Madras, India. Based in Heidelberg, Germany, he is an influencer, driving change and progress across industries.

In his riveting TEDx talk, Mithun will dive into the ever-evolving landscape of Digital Transformation and its profound impact on leadership. With technological innovations and disruptions in Artificial Intelligence (AI) shaping leadership thinking, he uncovers historical patterns of three distinct periods marked by technological breakthroughs. These junctures have mandated different leadership styles and attributes, ultimately reshaping the leadership landscape.



Hope Williams (Guest speaker)

Emergency Landing is What You Need 

Meet Hope William, a seasoned United Airlines Flight Attendant with an impressive 15-year career of international flying. Her journey took a profound turn after an emergency landing caused by the left engine failure, a near-death experience that became the catalyst for a transformative new life. Utilizing this redirection as an opportunity for change, Hope embarked on a path defined by confidence, hope, and the invaluable lessons she gathered from exploring over 50 countries.

In her compelling TEDx talk, Hope will share her powerful insights into the immense power of hope and faith to effect change. Drawing from her personal experiences and the wisdom she gained from seeing the world, she reveals how embracing hope and faith can lead us to make impactful choices that shape our future. Whether it's in the face of adversity or while working collectively towards a common goal, the power of choice becomes evident in building the future we desire.

Beyond her remarkable career as a flight attendant, Hope's accomplishments extend to diverse domains. As a two-time NYC Marathon Finisher and the Ala Moana Toastmasters President and Mentor, she embodies the spirit of personal growth and continuous improvement.



Daaniyal Khan

The Future of Interaction: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Social Media in the Insurance Industry 

As a seasoned expert in the realm of digital transformation, Daaniyal's career has been dedicated to reshaping the future of the insurance industry. Leading the digitalization department at a major insurance company, he has played a pivotal role in integrating emergent technologies like AI and Blockchain into their operational fabric, driving efficiency and fostering innovation.

Daaniyal's passion for groundbreaking technologies extends beyond his professional life. As a published author, his books on marketing and AI, available on Amazon, offer enlightening perspectives to a wide audience. His expertise on cryptocurrency has been featured in notable newspaper articles, further solidifying his authority in this domain.

In various mediums, including YouTube interviews with "Business am Kudamm" and numerous podcasts, Daaniyal has showcased his thoughts and experiences, articulating the complexities of digital transformation in an engaging and accessible manner.

Prepare for an enlightening journey as Daaniyal Khan unravels the revolutionary role of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Social Media in reshaping the landscape of the insurance industry. In his captivating presentation, Daaniyal will explore how these groundbreaking technologies are elevating customer experiences, fostering unprecedented transparency, and unlocking new avenues for personalized policies and efficient claim processing.



Nikolaj K. Mandsberg  ( PhD, MBA)

Partner with Your Decisions 

Nikolaj K. Mandsberg brings a wealth of expertise to the TEDx stage. With a background in physics and nanotechnology, he has dedicated the past decade to unraveling the mysteries of water behavior on surfaces, conducting groundbreaking research at prestigious institutions worldwide. His exceptional doctoral research has garnered numerous accolades, including the Fulbright, Kirstine Meyer Memorial grant, and the distinguished award for the best PhD thesis at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in 2021. His outstanding work has earned him an invitation to the esteemed 2024 Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting.

Beyond academia, Nikolaj's passion extends to pioneering technologies in affordable preventive healthcare, leveraging ingestible medical devices for gut microbiome sampling. However, his curiosity goes beyond natural sciences. Over the last year, he has meticulously observed and reflected on the factors that constitute effective personal choices, seeking to challenge existing models and create a universal framework for making better decisions.

Prepare to challenge conventional views of decision-making as Nikolaj K. Mandsberg takes the TEDx stage to present a transformative perspective. In this thought-provoking talk, Nikolaj reframes decision-making as an ongoing partnership, empowering us to cultivate a growth-oriented relationship with our choices. 



Christopher Stephen

The Sound of A.I. 

Meet Christopher Stephen, a musical prodigy whose journey with music began at the tender age of 5, clapping his hands together to learn rhythm under the guidance of his piano teacher. As he grew, so did his love for music, culminating in captivating performances of classical romantic-style piano pieces at local concerts by the age of 17. The piano has always been his forte, but Christopher's passion for music transcends boundaries, leading him to explore the guitar, drums, and other instruments, delving into diverse genres and musical realms. 

Christopher's TEDx talk will shed light on the hot topic of A.I. in the music industry. From assisting musicians in the creation and augmentation of their finest works to generating additional revenue for producers through Generative A.I., the potential of A.I. in music is immense. However, this exploration also raises critical questions about the impact of A.I. on the authenticity and uniqueness of musical artworks. Can the soulful essence of human expression found in heart-poured lyrics be replicated using a pattern-based formula? Will A.I. replace the emotional depth and creativity of musicians, jeopardizing individuality and the human touch?

As he delves into the opportunities and risks that A.I. presents for the future of music, Christopher will draw on his own musical talents, performing a captivating piano piece during the presentation. This performance aims to provoke the audience to contemplate the profound impact of the human touch compared to artificially-generated music.

Ben J Munday 

Listening in on Leadership, the Body Swiss Armknife 

Ever wondered where limiting beliefs originate and how they influence our thoughts, emotions, and behavior? Join us as Ben J Munday takes the TEDx stage to explore the intricacies of limiting beliefs and their impact on our lives. In this transformative presentation, we will delve into habitual learning patterns, uncovering how constructs of race, gender, culture, and class become embedded in our physiology, limiting our perception of our own potential.

As a coach, trainer, and consultant dedicated to human-centered training and coaching within corporates, Ben brings a wealth of expertise to the forefront. With ICF credentials in cognitive and somatic coaching, additional training in embodiment and executive coaching, and Leadership Embodiment training, he possesses a unique skill set to inspire positive change.

Currently serving as the President of Berlin's oldest Toastmaster community, Ben's prowess in public speaking has earned him numerous awards. Moreover, his certifications in meditation and embodied arts highlight his commitment to holistic well-being and community engagement within Berlin.

Through this thought-provoking presentation, Ben will lead us on a journey into the mind-body connection and embodied cognition. Combining theory with guided simple movements and postures, the audience will experience firsthand how changing the shape of our body can shift our emotional, mental, and energetic states. This powerful insight will foster beneficial and supportive feelings, empowering us to achieve a range of transformative qualities.

(Guest speaker)

Cyril Junior Dim 

(Guest speaker)


As we venture into an ever-evolving future, Cyril believes that those with the most sober views of themselves will emerge as successful leaders and social innovators. By cultivating the ability to self-assess with integrity, we can foster personal growth and become catalysts for positive change.

Hailing from Zimbabwean descent and educated as a Software Engineer in Wrocław, Poland, Cyril has spent the past 13 years mastering the art of public speaking. His eloquence and talent have taken him across diverse avenues of the spoken word, from theater and stand-up comedy to sports commentary and events hosting.

Cyril's accolades as a competitive public speaker are unparalleled. He is a two-time national champion in two countries and languages, holding three international titles in a district encompassing seven countries for Speech Evaluation, Improvised Speaking, and Humorous Speaking. Moreover, he is a two-time continental champion and Toastmasters International's 2022 World Champion of Public Speaking.

Join us as Cyril Junior Dim takes the TEDx stage to share his captivating journey of self-acceptance. In this thought-provoking talk, Cyril will unveil the wisdom that empowered him to challenge the very essence of how he perceives himself. By offering a holistic view of self-acceptance, he will shed light on the profound impact of embracing WHO we are and honestly assessing HOW we present ourselves to the world.